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I give up. It's just not possible to write about every tiny, little detail of the things I see and hear everyday. And also, I simply don't have the time or ambition to type something every single week. So now it's offical: this is probably one of my last blogs. Sorry 'bout that^^
Anyway, I'll try to summarize some things really fast ...
Did I ever mention how crazy Americans are? No? Well, they are. A lot. And even if I know this, I'm still surprised about how crazy they are. So we have many assemblies, right? But not just any assemblies. Weird ones! For example one about friendship. :D Yes, FRIENDSHIP. It's ... awkward whenever teacher try to talk about your friends. Or when they talk to you like you were friends. It's just not right and pretty embarrassing. And Pepsi was the sponsor of the assembly, so they called it "Pepsi-Assembly" which is why I was shocked in the first place. But seems like I was the only one because they have this thingy every year, so everybody knows about it. We watched a 25 min movie about how important it is that you choose the right kind of people since they influence you more than you actually know. The movie was actually cute. How they made it ... like ... with all different music bands and famous people. It's a nice way to get teenager's attention. Still, it was kind of funny. So you know how I am, right? I make fun of a lot of things. And usually people know whenever I'm sarcastic. But here I have the feeling almost nobody in my school understands sarcasm or irony. They take me too serious. So we went out of the auditorium and I said: "Well ... that was ... touching." And suddenly two people say: "Wasn't it? I really liked it. That was one of the best assemblies we've ever had." ... UMMMMM. -.-
My favorite assembly was right before Prom. We had two car accidents from our school and because they know how much alcohol students drink nowwdays, they wanted to do something really special. We met outside on the football field and it kinda rained before, so the benches were wet. We sat down, talked, blablabla, you know ... but then some students came on the field, music started and they acted out a party. They were drunk and they still drove the car. Crash. And then there was an actual, totally real, damaged car. They started screaming, crying, ... And then they called the police, and like 4 police cars came with the sirens on. Then they called the ambulance and they arrived with the fire fighters. They showed us how to get the people safely out of the car and how to calm down etc. It was awesome! Two people died and one was badly injured. Two other ones were all right. So they called a helicopter and a huge helicopter landed in front of us and took off with the badly injured student. The audience was shocked and amazed. You could see it by looking at their faces. Everything ended and we went into the auditorium. In there we watched a short movie about accidents and so on, and then two men who were in jail talked to us about their experiences. Both of them killed innocent people by driving drunk, and they cried, too. This time it seriously was touching. Many students cried, too, because they already lost somebody in an accident or so. It was depressing. I've never seen so many students so quiet. I mean, you know how it is, there's always a guy who has to laugh about something and mke fun about the seriousness. But that day ... it was totally quiet. Even after the assembly was over. Of course I told my host family about that day, and they too were freaked. Just think about all the money the school spent just to show us all those things. Helicopter! Hello? :D Awwwesome!
I actually think it helped a little bit, because as far as I know nobody drove drunk after Prom.
Well, I have like 22 days left here. 22 friggin' days. Wow. I can't describe this weird feeling. When I left Germany, I knwe exactly when I'm gonna come back, but this time I don't know when I'll be back. I'll miss my host family so much ... it's unbelievable how perfect we were as a team. I don't think we ever argued about something. I talk to them about things I can't even talk about with my own family. It's sad if you think about it. But kinda nice, too. But I'm looking forward to see my Germans, too, so ... yeah. I don't know. We'll see.
26.5.09 15:38


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