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"Hello! and HI (: to Fanny"

Die erste Antwort auf meine erste Mail:

"Dear Fanny,

It does sound funny to call you Fanny, especially when I have been saying your name as Van Ahn all this time. 

Welcome to our WELCOME family!!  We are a temporary family until I, Lori, as the PAX Coordinator, can find you a family closer to your school.  Perhaps you will be with us a day, perhaps a week or two.

I am excited that you will be joining my group of exchange students!!!  So far I have 5 other students in my area, plus Angie, the other PAX Coordinator, also has 5 or so students.  My other students are from Sierra Leone, Mexico, Spain, S. Korea, Belgium, and of course - You from Vietnam/Germany!!  How cool~!!

Angie's students are from S. Korea, Germany, China, Spain, and Germany again.

Our family consists of my son, Elliott, who is 13 1/2, myself and my husband.  We have a cute medium-sized dog: Rudy, and 2 cats: Ginger and Thomas.  Elliott says, "HI."   

Our house is huge (2 offices, and 4 bedrooms), and we are about to sell it, which is one reason we are only a welcome family.  We have hosted students for the past 3 years, so we are taking a break this year.

What can you bring us?  Hmmmmmm.  This may sound crazy, but I would be thrilled to have an extra bottle of this HOMEOPATHIC REMEDY:  called "Migrana" by AROMED.  It is in a 10 ml bottle.  It is clear glass with an orange label and a green man in the label.  The cap is white.

How do I know about this?  A student from Belgium let me use some last year, and it was amazing!  It worked SO fast!  Here are some other words on the bottle:  ""  Hoofdroller, zwaarhoofdigheid bij spierspanning, vermoeidheid, stress.  ""

Do you think this is Belgian or German?    I don't really know!  The reason I'd like a bottle is because I don't know when I'll ever be to Germany, and because my son and I ONLY use homeopathic and complementary medicine.  Just natural.

If this is a problem or hard to find, don't worry about it.  Really! 
My son said, "Chocolate is good."  We all like chocolate. 

Have a fun and safe trip!!!!!!    When are you supposed to arrive in Wisconsin?

Your Coordinator and 1st host mom~~

4.8.08 19:54


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